Outside of studio in Hollywood, cooking breakfast.
Cooking Breakfast
The omelet bar is the higher end of our breakfast options,  it should be, we invented
and introduced it to the production catering business many years ago. Our Omelet Bar
offers everything on the
breakfast menu, plus an onsite cook, 2 if need be, who
prepares to order many favorite breakfast items such as French Toast, Pancakes,
Waffles, scrambled eggs, Breakfast burritos, Sandwiches, Egg whites and of course
Omelet's etc. For the healthiest of food we cook only with water and no oil or butter.
Here is but a partial list of ingredients you will find on the omelet bar, These
change over the season due to availability and freshness.

Mushrooms              Ham                             Avocado                   Tomatoes
Onions                      Seasoned beef              Green Peppers          Potatoes
Green Onions           Chicken                        Salsa                          Mozzarella
Olives                       Sausage                         Jalapenos                  Broccoli
Spinach                     Bacon                           Cheddar Cheese        Sweet Pepper
Omelet bar out side ben kitay studios in Hollywood.

For an accurate quote, please call
Phone: (818) 703-2275
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Omelet bar ingrediants (over 14 choices) On location cooking
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